Oh Yeah!!!

Our Fav Jim Hunt...OH YEAH!!! Never A Dull Moment With This Fun Loving, Life Living Friend!!!

Who's That Girl?!?!

Our Beautiful Jen Zuba...They Wanna Know...Who's That Girl...Watch The Mouths Drop...Watch The Crowds Pop...& That Folks, Is How It's Done!!!

Lindsey/Christine Mahoney Wedding

Salon Trio Loves To Be Apart of Your Big Day!!!  Thank You Nick Edes~Make-up!  This Bridal Party Was STUNNING & Such A Blast!!! Reserve Our Salon~To Be All Yours~A Peaceful, Fun, & Beautiful Experience To Start Your Day!!! 

Purple Rain RIP Prince 4/21/16

Gorgeous Joanna Representing Purple On The Sad Day That Prince Passed...Total Coincidence...We Think Not!!!

All Fired Up!!!

Dani~All Fired Up For Her Future...New Look For UNH Graduation~I Believe There Comes A Time When Everything Just Falls In Line!!!  

Who's Looking Good Today?

Who's Looking Good In Every Way?  No Style Rookie, You Better Watch Don't Mess With Me...No Moneyman Can Win My Love...It's Sweetness That I'm Thinking Of...We Always Hang In A Buffalo Stance!!!  Haley~We Love you!!! 


A Tribute To George Michael 12/25/16